The Butchertown Entertainment District provides a significant opportunity for the city of Louisville: to transform the neighborhood into a dense, walkable mixed-use district that engages a broad range of urban dwellers, suburbanites, families, and tourists.

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The Future of Louisville is Here

Louisville and Butchertown are at a tipping point. Although a region with a growing young and vibrant population, the needs of this demographic are currently under-served. Now is the moment to answer the clarion call.

Make it about People

Great destination neighborhoods focus on people and not cars. The result is a destination neighborhood that is walkable and can integrate alternative modes of transportation.

Butchertown is Sportstown

Soccer fans are already connected to their team and the stadium itself. They are highly enthusiastic about Butchertown Entertainment District as a place to call home, and to connect with the team and each other.

Mix It Up. Integrate Multiple Uses To Create A Live, Work and Play District


Bring people together with year-round programming activities. By defining a day in the life of a user of the district in every season, enables us to create a town district that offers a live, work, play mix.


There is a rising population of young downtown locals that are dramatically changing Butchertown and its adjacent communities. These millennial-minded residents are seeking highly walkable, authentic experiences and are in need of a broad range of basic amenities and services.


The Butchertown community and the city of Louisville are hungry for destinations where they can connect in an authentic, local setting.